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12 Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
How to use custom logo wax seal stamp?

We will send a instruction card of how to make sealing wax stickers with our custom logo wax seal stamp, so you can follow as cards and it's easy to make...Read More

Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Sealing wax stickers are perfect decorations on wedding

The wax seal stickers for packing are perfect decorations on wedding and party invitations. These handmade self-adhesive wax seal stickers will help save your time but still achieve the unique hand stamping results!...Read More

Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Use methods of sealing wax

Remove the head of the wax seal stamp, circle it with paper tape, and pour the melted paint into the circle....Read More

Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Sealing wax is a kind of adhesive

Sealing wax sticks are not easily damaged, so they can be sold even without packaging. There are two ways to pack the sparkling sealing wax sticks, one is in bulk or the other is in boxes. In order to allow customers to choose when buying....Read More

28 Jun, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
The application of embossing stamp

We are a professional manufacturer of embosser stamps. Our customers come from all over the world. We provide the best service....Read More

25 Jun, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Honey Bee Sealing Wax Sticker from TaBo

Seal your letters with the amazing honey bee sealing wax sticker. Each seal comes in its own kraft gift box with a stick of metallic gold mailable sealing wax....Read More

21 Jun, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Tutorial of seal envelope by sealing wax sticks

Materials and tools, from left to right: envelopes, sealing wax stick, wax seal stamp, lighter, sealing wax spoon, hemp ropes....Read More

17 Jun, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Various ways of using sealing wax

The sealing wax was invented by the Frenchman Russo around 1626. Through experiments, he mixed different ratios of tar, cinnabar and shellac (natural sealing wax from India) into a sealing wax....Read More

14 Jun, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Traditional sealing wax sticks with wick

You should be able to make 10-14 seals with a 3/4" embossing coin from one stick of our sealing wax sticks with wick....Read More

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