What does it mean to send a wax seal stamp as a gift?

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From ancient times to the present, the wax seal stamp is a symbol of power and status; it is a way of embodying responsibility and credit, and it is also a favorite thing for literati to play with.

1. You can engrave a name stamp for yourself as a representative of your unique personality. Because you, me, him, and everyone in the world are unique. And each wax seal stamp is unique. This is a truly personalized thing, only the wax seal stamp engraved by hand can be truly unique, and the regular script engraved by machine is different from this "seal".

2. You can engrave a couple wax seal stamp for yourself and your lover. Make two wax seal stamps in pairs and make it a token of your eternal love. The beads are printed together, romance is forever, and the side (stamp side) can be engraved with words or words you like.

3. You can carve a book stamp for yourself. This way, you can put your stamp on every book you choose.

Wax Seal Metal Stamp

4. You can engrave a wax seal stamp for your friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. When you have a birthday, when you are parting, when you want to thank someone, you want to choose the same gift for others. You want gifts that are meaningful, valued and liked by the other person. And everyone's most familiar and favorite word is their own name. If you give him a badge, he will not dislike such a gift, and he will not be unhappy receiving such a gift. The deep friendship you have to express is self-evident.

5. You can put what you like and what you like. You resonate, and the words, mottos, mottos, etc. you have learned that benefit you endlessly are engraved as a wax seal stamp.

6. You can engrave a wax seal stamp for your company and store. It can reflect the characteristics of your career and the profound cultural heritage.

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