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16 Aug, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
How to Open a Wax-Sealed Wine Bottle?

The wine bottle sealing wax stems from both tradition and necessity. Before corks were used, wax was one means of sealing wine bottles for storage and shipment....Read More

12 Aug, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
How to make self adhesive wax seals?

These personalised self adhesive wax seals have a sweet rustic design.They would make a chic embellishment to any style of wedding stationery....Read More

Aug, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
RFQs about sealing wax beads

Sealing Wax Beads are made with our signature sealing wax and have been designed for use with a sealing wax spoon. Easily melted over an open flame, these luxurious and rich sealing wax beads are the perfect way to slow down and get creative with your gift wrapping, snail mail, or DIY project!...Read More

Aug, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
How to use wine bottle sealing wax?

Caution: Never heat wine bottle sealing wax higher than 125°C as this will permanently impair its performance!...Read More

31 Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
What You Need to Create a Wax Seal Stickers?

Modern wax companies have tinkered with the formulas of old in order to create wax seal stickers that can make it through the machinated processing used by today’s postal service....Read More

25 Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
Functions of wine bottle wax seal

The aesthetic appeal is excellent, but you also get added safety benefits with bottle sealing wax. The first benefit of wine bottle wax seal is that such a component naturally works to seal the bottle and hold the rest of the cap in place....Read More

23 Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
FAQs about bottle sealing wax

A larger container will need more wine bottle sealing wax to create enough depth to dip your bottles....Read More

19 Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
How to use sealing wax with a glue gun?

You should be able to make 10-14 seals from one stick of your glue gun sealing wax....Read More

15 Jul, 2019
How to Make Wheat Flour
What are packing sealing wax used for?

Packing sealing wax is available in symbols, in initials or custom designs can be created. We’ve made wax seal stickers for everything from weddings to baby showers to craft projects!...Read More

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