What are the tips for using the wax seal stamp?

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1. The hotter the wax particles, the better the fluidity. Many novice operators will accidentally drop wax oil all over the place. In fact, they can be cooled slightly after the wax particles are melted, and then operate when the flow is slow.

2. Sometimes, if you feel that one color is too monotonous, you might as well try to melt the wax particles of more than two colors together to make a beautiful retro color matching. You can also paint some colors on the printed wax pattern, generally gold powder, silver powder, etc. are used.

3. The wax melting spoon must be cleaned in time after use, because the bottom of the spoon burned by the candle will turn black, and storage will become inconvenient.

Here is a warm reminder, you must be careful when lighting candles, and remember to put them out when not in use. Safety is the most important thing.

After burning the varnish wax, quickly drop it to the place that needs to be covered (one grain, cut 2~3mm in strips).

The stamped paper needs to be neatly placed in a horizontal position.

When dripping, do not move the low position, and naturally form a circular shape.

After two or three seconds, use the wax seal stamp to press down from the middle. When pressing, press the back of the copper stamp, do not press the wooden handle (handle).

Keep pressing, don't shake or change position while pressing.


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