What shape do Sealing Wax have? What is the difference between them?

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Shape of Sealing Wax: There are probably these types on the market: granular (heart-shaped octagon, hexagon, etc.), strip (various strips with different patterns, with or without core), stick (There are two types of round rods on the market, one is larger and one is smaller, which is suitable for different sizes of glue guns), block (board).

Granular: Cute and compact shape to store in a bag or bottle. You can heat it in a spoon, add the amount at will, and the amount is easy to master. You can also mix a few grains at will to create different colors. Can also be placed in a furnace.

Traditional Flexible And Mailable Genuine Sealing Wax Beads

Strips: irises with different patterns or magic sword patterns are good-looking and easy to store, not like particles, easy to fall, can't find haha ​​wax strips without a core need to be placed in a spoon and heated, how much to melt and how much the rest is used You can keep it or you can use a knife to cut some of it and put it in a spoon or heat the rest in a furnace and save it. When the wax stick with the wick is used, just touch the candle, the wax wick is lit, and the slant drip Sealing Wax does not need to be blown out. Easy to operate but pay attention to fire prevention.

Round rod shape: It can be used according to the operation of the wax strip above, but the most important thing is that the wax rod can be used with the hot melt glue gun. Plug the glue stick into the gun and heat it for two or three minutes, and it can be continuously squeezed. Fire paint came out to use. But note that there is always a wax stick in the glue gun that needs another wax stick to be squeezed out, which means you need to buy an extra wax stick when you have a budget.

Plate-shaped and block-shaped: It is mainly used for larger dosage and single color. It can be placed in a large melting container, red wine sealed bottles, and wine jars are used more.

In terms of cost: from expensive to cheap, wax pellets, wax sticks, wax strips, wax blocks.

A brief summary: The wax particles are easy to control and the color can be mixed at will. It is suitable for DIY in your usual hand account. The wax sticks are easy to store, easy to use, and easy to control the amount. The wax sticks are easy to operate and use with a glue gun, suitable for a large number of invitations.


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