How to make self adhesive wax seals?

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Personally hand sealing an envelope brings a great deal of satisfaction, however it can be somewhat time consuming if you have more than a handful to get through. Save yourself the time and effort with these Custom Wax Seal Stickers, complete with adhesive backing for ease of application.

Personalise your wedding stationery with a beautiful tradition that dates back to antiquity. Self-Adhesive Wax Seals are the modern and convenient way to layer antique elegance into your wedding stationery. Comprising of pre-stamped wax seals with convenient adhesive backings, they are as elegant as they are effortless!

These personalised self adhesive wax seals have a sweet rustic design.They would make a chic embellishment to any style of wedding stationery. These self adhesive wax seals go on like stickers, but look exactly like hand poured and stamped wax seals. They are hand poured and stamped, then allowed to cool and affixed with a sticker on the back.

Our process for self-adhesive wax seals is an involved one; we pour molten wax onto a specially prepared surface, hand press each seal impression into the wax with a bespoke engraved brass die and then apply an adhesive backing to each wax seal.

These self-adhesive Heirloom Seals are artisan made from start to finish. Each seal is unique and is one of a kind. The slight variations in shape, texture, tones and bubbles create an authentic stamped seal result.

self adhesive wax seals

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