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As the top 1 wax seal stamp supplier in China, you will have an unforgettable purchasing experience with us. If you don't have any ideas on Design or Artworks, you might use our current ones as well! At the same time you will receive some professional suggestions from our designers.

How to use wax seal stamp?

1. Chill your wax seal stamp on ice.

2. Heat up your wax seal sticks and dispense a small circle of wax onto your project surface.

3. Using your hand or a microfiber cloth, wipe of the die and press your wax seal stamp into the wax.

4. Let the wax cool for 10-15 seconds then gently peel the wax seal stamp away.

Why choose us?

We can offer more for you.

1. Support customization.

2. 3-5 days fast delivery.

3. Fast sample making, today see the effect.

4. Support customization on packing box.

5. 7 days goods return.

6. 12 hours quick response.

7. Professional suggestions & advice.

8. Heart to heart service.

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