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Sealing wax is a kind of adhesive. There are some differences between sealing wax and special glue. Sealing wax is often used by students when fixing stationery. Sealing wax is also often used in household products. In order to avoid some important documents being opened secretly, Sealing wax is also needed. The finished product of the Sealing wax is a stick object, i.e. the sealing wax sticks. Sealing wax sticks are not easily damaged, so they can be sold even without packaging. There are two ways to pack the sparkling sealing wax sticks, one is in bulk or the other is in boxes. In order to allow customers to choose when buying.

Sealing wax formula: rosin 60%, shellac 20%, artificial Venice rosin 20%. Sealing wax production method: first rosin and shellac film placed in magnetic dishes or copper vessels (do not use iron, in order to prevent deterioration). After all melting, the artificial Venetian pine resin is added slowly. Turn off the fire until it is completely cooled. When the paint is cooled to an appropriate temperature, if you want to add color to the paint, just add the color material, mix it evenly, and then pour it into the model, make it condense. After all the condensation, you can take it out.

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