How to make a sealing wax for envelope with a sealing wax stick?

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It’s a good idea to have a little practice on some scrap paper before you attempt to seal your final project. Be careful not to burn yourself both with the lighter or with hot dripping wax.

1. Use the lighter to melt the sealing wax stick and drip it onto the paper or envelope.

2. Make a little wax puddle about the size of a 10c coin or just a bit larger than your wax seal stamp. Blow on it to spread out the wax and cool it down slightly.

3. Wait a few seconds and then press your wax seal stamp into the wax. Leave it there till the wax has cooled.

4. Carefully remove the wax seal stamp.

5. Hopefully you’ll have a nice clear impression in the sealing wax for envelope.

TIPS: Real sealing wax contains resin which helps it stick to the paper and makes it supple and flexible. As a sealing wax manufacturer, we can produce perfect sealing wax series for you.

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