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Are custom colors available?

Yes! Custom colors are available by request, but there is a minimum order of 100 pounds of bottle sealing wax. Contact us to learn more.

What can I use to melt the wax in?

A container with a temperature setting on it is recommended. A double-boiler will work sufficiently for dipping, but it is not recommended as it does not have a temperature setting on it.

How do I dip the bottle into the wax?

Typically, you will hold the bottle upside down and dip the neck of the bottle into the wax. Remove the bottle and let the excess wax drip off before turning the bottle right side up.

How much wine bottle sealing wax do I need?

You can usually dip 25-30 bottles per pound of wax. The size of your container will also play a factor into how much wax you will need. A larger container will need more wine bottle sealing wax to create enough depth to dip your bottles.

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